Easter 2008-2018

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Missing one year?  Brianna 7 and  Maya 1

Brianna ages: 2-11

Maya ages: 2-5





The things young kids say…

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When Brianna was little I tracked many of her silly thoughts and now I’d like to start a log for Maya.  Actually my Aunt reminded me:).  Better late than never?

1/27/17: Maya just said, “I wish I was God!” Why Maya? “He’s really important and everyone loves him. ” Haha. 😂😂😂

She calls a fort a fork.  Love this

Brianna is BeeAnna   I actually like that❤️

Aug. 2017

Potatoes are tomatoes.

Are you sure you want to spend all your money on this?  “yes, I can just get more out of my Piggy Bank.”

Me. “Maya, next weekend I’m going to visit some friends…” Maya, “cool, I want to go with you!!!!!!!!!” Brianna, “it’s just the mom’s and no kids.” Maya, “so if I just dress in grown up clothes it would be ok! But… they probably would know?!”

Brianna runs and screams when flies get inside. Maya finds it to be a good career path. 😂

Maya = 4 1/2

“mom, there is a bug in my eye. You know the spider things that move when you blink your eyes? ”  Your eye lashes?  “oh yes!”

“mom, do you think God will let us go visit him? I want to ask him why moms get hair under their arms!”






More to come….



And how a year can fly by. . .

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Just hours before Maya entered our lives! Brianna took this on her iPod:)


Maya Jane Steffen
7 pounds 13 ounces
21 inches
March 25, 7:57pm (water broke at 8am but had to wait for the doctor who was on Jury Duty)


at 3 weeks Maya started to get colicky from 5-8pm:( Also various times during the day. Still loved to be held and cuddled.



months was hard:( It marked the day I needed to return to work and leave my little one:( Colic was getting slightly better.


Don’t dislike my job but cried on Maya’s 3 month B-day… Leaving her was painful


Colic much better but still screams in her car seat



Scooting and colic much better!




Walking on Furniture


Sweetie had kidney infection this month 😦


Really fast crawler and likes to stand up on furniture and bounce. Will walk from one couch to the next.


Taking steps w/o support. Really likes to crawl.

Paper Mâché Bowl – balloon bowls

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Brianna and I made this last winter.  We thought we loaded it to our blog but couldn’t find it:(   This was a great project for Brianna and the last big one before Maya was born:-)

1. Mixed 3/4 white glue to 1/4 water.  Mixture should be “slightly” watery but not runny.

2. Tear a newspaper into long strips

3. Blow up a balloon as large as you would like the bowl.

4. Dip the strips of newspaper in glue/water. One at a time until you complete one layer parallel and the second layer vertical.

5. Coat the top of a peanut butter jar with glue.  Set the bottom of the bowl/balloon in a peanut butter lid  to dry (this will act as the stand).

5. Let dry over night.

6.  The stand should be stuck to the bottom of the balloon.

7. Make more glue mixture and add 2 layers of newspaper (like above) to the bowl.  Also start adding strips around the base (top of peanut butter jar).

8. Add one last layer  over the bowl and base using plain white paper.

9. Let the bowl sit over night.  In the morning.  Pop the balloon, trim, and decorate!

10. We decorated by dipping the fabric scraps in more glue solution:-)

11. TaDa!

Have fun!

IMG_8594 IMG_8595 IMG_8596 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8599

Make and Decorate Your Own ELF HAT!

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Brianna’s music teacher sent home a note asking the kids the make their own elf hats for the upcoming Christmas Concert.  When we were at the craft store getting supplies I saw the cutest elf hat for $3…. I tried to talk Brianna into buying it but she she said, “MOM, that is not the instructions!”  haha!  Glad we didn’t because we ended up having a great time making our own!

We didn’t have a 13″x13″ piece off paper to make the template, so we taped some paper together to make it bigger.

On that paper we drew and cut out a triangle with a base length and height of 13 inches.

Then we hung a pen to a string and stretched the string from the tip to the hit the bottom of the triangle. While keeping the string tight we drew a rounded off edge for a human head.

We cut out the pattern… my 7 year old could do all these steps on her own, but I did have to remind her to slow down, and I helped hold one end while she did the other, etc.  Team work!

We folded a large sheet of green felt in half and placed the pattern on one side of the folded edge, so we only needed to trace one side and the bottom of the hat. This allowed us to only have to cut two sides (keep it folded when cutting).  I cut the felt out because our scissors are horrible, and it was hard to cut through both pieces.

With a safety needle Brianna stitched it together the open side.  Because it was hard to push the neelde through both pieces, I made the holes with a pin, and she simply had go through the already created holes.  When the stitches were completed we turned it inside out to hide them, and it was a beautiful cone:-)

We found stringed puff balls at the craft store, and I glued them on with fabric glue.. Brianna helped me sew two ornaments to the top.

TADA! Simple but sweet!






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Brianna and the neighbor gal have amazing imaginations… they have an entire mermaid story, and many powers to go along with it!  Nothing better than kids’ using their imagination.  I saw someone pin a mermaid craft on the spoonful.com, so we decided to try it but of course wanted to add our own spin.

We used most the same items:  acrylic paint, peg clothespin, yarn, tacky glue and the tail template provided on their site.  For some reason Brianna thinks “the little mermaid, Ariel,” is not real, but others are, so she wanted to makes hers look magical. We used glitter craft foam, and colorful yarn.  The one thing you need to have, that we didn’t, is a PAINT MARKER/PEN!!! So wish I had one:( BOO!  But Brianna didn’t want to wait for another trip to the store.  Paint markers work best because they to not bleed like markers, and unless you are good with the paint brush, it’s not a big area for painting.. but we made due.

Happy weekend!





Halloween Pumpkin Fairy and Rock Pets

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Being that we love Halloween we decided we needed to create a project to get us in the SPOOKY Spirit!  We created a “Flower Fairy” but we decorated her in pumpkin style… she even has a stem on her head (maybe Brianna’s fav part:)

After she was created we noticed she was lonely and would need a few pets.  What makes a better friend than rock pets?  Off we went looking for the perfect rocks… we found 4 perfect rocks, and painted them and added some eyes.  They are truly the cutest little pets.

Then we ran into the problem of them scaring people… so we decided they needed a rock pet house!  We heard about Altoid boxes making great houses, so we decided that is what they needed.  We decorated their house with black and orange felt, a crystal ball, and some white curtains… they seem to really enjoy it:-)  The top of the box works great for the pumpkin fairy’s table or bed:-)  To make sure they don’t escape at night it seems best for Pumpkin to sleep on the top at night, since Rock Pets can get very crazy when there is a full moon!Image

Happy Halloween!







Fall in Michigan

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Outside Christmas I LOVE fall and not just fall but Halloween!  The colors, apples, candy corn, pumpkins, and ability for kids to use there imaginations to dress up in cool outfits and beg for candy!  Good times.

Today I tried to take pics of the gals in their boo dresses but there was no way to get them to be serious, so I decided to just let the gals play with their Indian Corn, and be themselves.  These are always the best pictures:-)




Down to the smallest detail…

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Are you a details person?  I’d say I am.  I like when items I own have feelings and have unique details.  This is why I always find myself going back to Dvergen Artz for my special decoration needs.  Keti creates and ships her special products from Bulgaria.  The shipping is worth the wait. . . I recommend Keti’s shop to anyone who looking to warm up an empty room or searching for that special gift to cheer someone up. ImageImageImage


The Day After My Last Blog Post…

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The day after my last blog post. . . Maya Jane was born!  It seems impossible that we ever lived without her:-) It has been a busy but wonderful 6-months. Sister love.

IMG_0272 IMG_0479 IMG_1777 IMG_2849 IMG_3114 IMG_3295 IMG_3656 IMG_3723 IMG_3763 IMG_4425 IMG_4452 IMG_4527 IMG_2158 IMG_4551 IMG_4649IMG_5114 IMG_5115 IMG_5208 IMG_4916 IMG_5249 IMG_5293 IMG_5366

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