Colorful Clothes on Little Girls and Flower Kits

June 11, 2009 at 12:19 pm | Posted in Summer 2009 | Leave a comment

I love age 2  – 3 for Brianna… The clothes is so very cool!  Anything goes at this age  and the colors can be so bright!!!   I wish I were younger so I would not look so silly wearing colorful clothes, shoes and tights!  Not only do I love the colorful clothes but I appreciate the individuals who create and display these colors so well!!!  There is one person I met 2 years ago who took Brianna’s 1 year old photos… I like to follow her blog as she has a huge appreciation for colors too! She is very artistic with her photos… Brianna was fortunate to have some pics done by her last weekend.  She used one of her pics at a leg warmers and hair clips ETSY Store!):

Clothes lines — I was  just introduced to courtneycourtney this year..if I were rich I’d buy all Brie’s clothes right here online:-)

Courtney asked to feature Brie’s pics on her blog…I felt honored as I love her clothes…

Fun Dress Up Clothes… found this lady on EBAY and she was born and raised in Up-North in Michigan. Brianna is in the ups-a-daisy fairy.

We had the pleasure to meet  a lady by the name of Bree last weekend at the fair last week.  She works for a local photo company but would enjoy to do some work on her own.  Her portfolio includes mainly friends and family but she asked to take Brianna’s  pictures to add to her portfolio… Being that I like to see how people can be so artistic in their own ways I’m excited to see how they turn out… we are having them done downtown Detroit…  

I appreciate the creativity of these people because I like to think I have a little creative side myself… so to see people who find where they have their niche makes be excited and proud:-)

Brianna and I found a little niche ourselves:-)  We started a small little idea called “Grow With Me Gifts”  We hoped to sell 1o summer sun flower kits and we did it (well we have one left — kinda on hold)! One in TX, one in MA, one in IL and the rest spread around MI. Our fall/winter kits should be fun and we hope to sell 20!

My each day be colorful and blessed!


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