Vacation at Home: 2009

June 11, 2009 at 6:22 am | Posted in Summer 2009 | Leave a comment

SO… I said we will not do too much over vacation… just rest a lot…that did not turn out to be the case!  We have been running like crazy! As the time off work ends my heart starts to become heavy as I never want the fun to end!  Being at home with my daughter is such a treat!  Below I listed some of the activities we have done to date:

  • Saturday: Park, pictures and fair
  • Sunday: Aunt Dawn’s House (petting farm and park)
  • Monday: Ladybug Cupcakes and the store
  • Tuesday: Zoo and Dinner with Grandma
  • Wednesday: Oppss… ER with mum… can’t walk… back pulled out… O well! Enjoyed TV, Sandbox and swing at home. Later that night we went ot the store and out for Pizza
  • Thursday: Made flower kits… post office… craft store… project for dad’s b-day, first attempt to make flip flops… for brianna’s daycare lady… $1.50 flops, $1.00 flowers and $.50 beads… $3.oo and cute!!!
  • Friday: Steffen’s Visit
  • Saturday: PLAY, PLAY, PLAY
  • Sunday: DADDY’S B-DAY!!! Pictures Downtown

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