Turning 3!

June 24, 2009 at 5:48 am | Posted in Summer 2009 | Leave a comment

Brianna turned 3.  3 always seemed to be a baby before I had my own child.  Now I think… Time flew by so quickly… she is getting so old… so smart and she is no longer a baby:-(((((((

Her birthday party is this weekend at our house.  I can’t wait to watch her when people come to give her gifts!  The WOW eyes — there is no price you can put on memories like that!

O dear… she changes so quickly!  She had a sassy, baby stage for a few weeks and now she is on her “Whatever you want… I want to please you stage.”  God bless her little, changing mind…although mum is getting tired trying to keep up. I always think… if I can just stay one step ahead of her;-) YA RIGHT!

I realized tonight that Brie has never had corn on the cob until today… oppss… she thought it was a very interesting concept and giggled away as she ate it (plus asked me 1 billion ?’s ). If anyone knows Brianna you would know her eating corn on the cob is extra exciting!  Just 2.5 years ago she was still fighting any food in her mouth:-) and only 1 year ago she was still having food texture issues… now at 3 she is clearing the corn off the cob.  Who would have ever thought this  moment would keep me awake late smiling and watching her sleep? You know, I’ve read that having a baby with a health issue can at times be a blessing because you do not take anything for granted. Who knows… I tend to over-think and maybe I would have been the same way even if Brianna did not have such a hard start:-)


Ok, so how do I  freeze our lives  right now?????  Not that things are easy now… actually this year as been one of the hardest for our family yet. But with all the non important issues aside…  the very special youth in our family right now is worth a million $’s.  We are moving too fast and I’m afraid we will miss something. Brianna picks up on me feeling this way… hahahahhaa!  She sings her made up songs, “we don’t have much time!”  I must say this more than I even realize!

She has come so far as you can see on this FOX2 Clip.

I’d love to stay home with her for the next few years and soak in Brianna’s final baby moments:-(  I know $ can not make one happy but it sure would provide more options — LOL!!! A wise person told me it is not possible to be 100% at both a career and family… I agree… but sure will continue to try.

Luv and Hugs…

Summer Days

OOOO! Look how big our sunflower has grown

Sun Flower 6 weeks


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