Being A Mom

July 2, 2009 at 1:25 am | Posted in Summer 2009 | 2 Comments
Daddy and Brianna

Daddy and Brianna


So here I am laying awake again… i often wonder why??? Pre Brianna this was never an issue.  I think most of it is because I crave “Me Time.”  Some of it is because I have inherited the worry gene from my grandfather…Then there is the knowing that my three year old will soon be up looking for me due to poor sleeping habits… but if poor sleeping habits mean that I need to hold her at night then I’m not sure that is a “bad” habit?   How can I follow my dreams and maybe I am already doing so? how can remember this moment with Brianna:-)

Tonight I decided… “HMMMM… I have not actually filled a bath for just me in over a year…that will help me relax!” What a process it ended up being… I found myself wedged between a Barbie Waterfall with mermaids and then Dora swam by.  So I tried to ignore it all and add some bubbles…. all I could find was Disney Berry Bliss… well it was not what I had expected in a bath but it became yet another mom moment to save in my head.

There is a pile of laundry laying in front of me as I type this but I just seem to let it all go… you know… I think the reason I lay awake is because I am so proud to be a mom and happy to see the mess… as crazy as that might sound. 

Being a Mom

Sitting in my rocking chair

thinking about my baby dear

how can i keep her flair,

keeping her safe– o the fear.


I once wanted to remember

that baby smell on her

One day it was gone from her:-(

Too bad there was not a bell to hear…


Sitting in my rocking chair,

thinking of my baby dear.

she is now three…

gosh, soon she will be climbing trees.


No way to freeze…

these precious moments

that  go quickly in the breeze.

All  God sent!


There is not doubt.

Of greater powers

when you see a childs route —

of only sweet flowers…


Thankful for life.

For stars so bright.

For every day and

every night!


Life goes by quickly.

I too count them down:(

We can all agree…

they can not be rewound!

Thank God for each day!

Hugs. Kim

Photo of Brianna

Walking All OVer My Heart

Walking All Over My Heart



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  1. Kim!!!

    You are way tooooooo cool!! And, a great Mom!!!

    Aunt Bev

  2. AWWW! Thanks… it is fun to write stuff down… u need to try it!

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