“Exposure” Learning is Fun!

July 31, 2009 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Summer 2009 | Leave a comment

Mom's FlowersWow!  I learned how to work my camera on manual – kinda!  I WAS TURNING THE WRONG NOBS!!!!!  I have an older camera so it does not label things very well.   So far I’ve learned the very basics…The make-up of the camera: 1) Aperture 2) Shutter speed and 3) ISO.

I try to think of them as the body… Guess that is my simple mind at work… I can’t think of the science part or I’ll get lost.

1)“Aperture (opening of lense size)!” My eyes… how much light reaches the object.

–          The smaller the number the larger the opening so more light comes in… hmmm.. .(4-6F) Brie’s young small eyes see much more light than mine!

–          I tried F11 on a brick wall with a flower and it made a very sharp picture – wow… those bigger numbers must add less light like my old eyes but can look at things more wise and evenJ

2)“Shutter Speed”  How much light gets into your eyes

–          The amount of time the volume of light comes through the lense. The longer the shutter is open the more light that comes into the camera

–          If you choose the shutter speed as 1/20 sec it will stay open longer and you can see more light… but if you choose 1/500sec it stays open shorter. The higher the # (1/1000 sec) the faster the shutter so you are decreasing the light to the camera.  If you are moving you will need the shutter to move faster thu or the image will be slowed down and BLURRED…  All and all… the faster you blink the less light you see…hahaha.

3)“ISO” The ISO gathers what comes through your eyes and makes it become the picture… I’m sure photo people will laugh but the easy way for me to think if this is “the brain.”  If you can see you can do nothing with it without the “brain” making it into a picture.

But in the book I’m reading by B. Peterson, he has a better way to understand.  He said think of it as the bees who gether the light to make the image… if you have 100 bees (ISO) or 200 bees (ISO) who will make the image quicker… 200 bees should be quicker (faster shutter speed)!  I still struggle here because I know 100 makes a more defined picture but 400 (slower shutter speed) helps me shoot when it is dark (lense open shorter?)? Hmmm… I think this is because the higher the ISO the more sensitivity to light you feed the camera?  So if there is too much light then the photo can get coarse but a high ISO at night looks good because it is not pulling in so much light???

Ok I’m going to get myself confused again!  I best STOP and practice the above again before I get overwhelmed.


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