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Today’s world is much different from when I was a child.  Everything moves faster and jobs are very cut throat and everyone it trying to be the strongest so they can win in this crazy world.  I found this article and it seemed to sum up many of today’s families  perfectly:-)

How can some of today’s family function in a world where there is so much to do, and not enough time to do it all? Where is the stress relief? Counselors and others involved in helping professions are realizing that there are three important characteristics of a family that determine how well it will cope in the face of the stresses and anxieties of everyday life.

1) A healthy family stays connected as an family and shares in the positive experience of both giving and receiving love among its family members. Stress relief comes as a family purposefully sets time aside to just be a family, to spend time together as a family.

2) Vacations can end up jam-packed with all the diversions that can be offered by today’s entertainment industry  and a lot of people BUT  are no substitute for an immediate  family one on one simple events… camping or even a day at the beach together.

3) Refreshment is also a very necessary ingredient for stress relief. The Creator of the Universe recognized that His creation needed to rest from the busyness of life, and so He created a day for both spiritual and physical rest. God also knew that human beings could not handle all of the pressures and stresses of life all by themselves. That is why God’s Word tells us in 1 Peter 5:7 to cast all of our anxieties on Him, because He truly cares about us and wants what is best for us. Prayer is perhaps the best source of stress relief that you can experience. The next time you are really feeling overwhelmed with life and in need of relief, again try these three things:

  1. Make sure your immediate family has enough time together and make sure to spend a day as a family and spend a day together. This immediate family is your source of  belonging that comes from giving and receiving love within your own family.
  2. Make refreshment a priority. Set aside a day of the week for worship and for rest.  Do not feel you need to plan activities every day off work.
  3. Pray. Talk to God as a family about the stresses in your life and remember to turn over your cares to the One who truly cares for you. Pray together as a family about different worries. (I know Brianna’s prayers are much different than mine and I find James worries about different things than me… It is funny to see the worries of others are not the same as your own and really helps to know others do worry too)

My family had a pretty stressful year but it makes me feel good that we always try to exercise the above items.  Maybe part of the reason we are still married ? LOL!!!!! and part of the reason I think we don’t always feel like it is as bad as it could be?

Other things that work for us that might work for others… 1) say NO to some activities and do not feel bad if better for your family 2) do not hang around with negative people (at least when you are in a hard time) 3) do not allow people in your life to judge how you are feeling — it is ok to feel different 4) understand a job  is only a job and w/health and family support you can conquer ALL! 5) understand there are people in your life who won’t understand and may never understand… that is ok!!! 6) try to hug your family members everyday — even if it is just for 10 seconds… that hug is a powerful release of energy 7) pick up an activity/hobby that makes you HAPPY…. hahaha… my GrowWithMeGifts Projects… and taking pictures… both activities that focus on Joy and Happiness of Life!  and on that happy note…….MY BULBS Arrived for the Fall/Winter Kits… Now we might be able to start before October!



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