Hair Clip Addiction!

November 9, 2009 at 2:49 am | Posted in Winter 2009 | 3 Comments

Getting behind on my blog but boy do I have a lot of hair clips!

Ghost Clip MAYBE because I’ve stumbled upon a GREAT blog that got me started on hair clips… LOL …. Yes, it is true I’ve become addicted to making  lil gal hair clips!  I love hair clips and was buying them for much more $… Then I saw the  spider clip on Angela’s!  I ended up making five of these in one night as Angela made the directions so easy to follow 🙂 Spider Hair Clip

Next Angela told me about the pumpkin clips on her blog!  These were even more fun and again I had to make enough for all our friends! Then I decided to make my own ghost clip idea — lol! It turned out ok…

Then today I drew up my own turkey design but still used a lot of Angela’s wonderful blog ideas in my creation — thanks!   To make the turkey, I simply drew the body shape and tail shape on paper…. the followed many of the pumpkin clip suggestions (cut sequins for the nose and beak)
… it was really FUN!  Brianna picked the colors and she was so happy to have a turkey!

Turkey Clip

I’m not done. yet.. LOL… I still need to go back to her blog and work on the other felt clips.

Thanks Angela for getting me started on thee clips!  We are all having a lot of fun!

Pumpkin Clips



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  1. That’s so sweet!! LOVE the clips – but I think I like the picture of Bri playing dress up at her vanity table even more!! She’s a doll!

    The Turkey clip came out really cute!! The ghost is my fav though – what a great idea!

    • Thanks Angela! The ghost….hahahha! I think I like the pumpkin best;-)

  2. […] More on my felt hair clip additions and instructions: […]

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