Brianna’s Bittersweet Bottle Memories

November 19, 2009 at 5:47 am | Posted in Winter 2009 | 3 Comments

  A simple bottle… wow… I almost forgot about Brianna’s bottle days… Because Brianna was ill when she was born she was not introduced to “suck, swallow, breath”  until she was about 2-weeks old… and what a normal thing that should be or at least one would think?!  I can look back now and kind of laugh but trust me… three years ago I cried for hours on end trying to get my fussy lil’ hunny to take her baba (bottle). 

Two nights after Brianna was home  from the NICU, I was desperate to find a bottle or nipple that she would take… nothing would work — how would I ever get her to drink? 😦 I had a Platex Nipple that went with one of those bag bottles…  Brianna liked the feel of it in her mouth and actually did not gag on it… good first step… I put that nipple on the matching 8 oz bottle  and she would gag?  Maybe she didn’t like the bag or the size ?   I looked all over for a smaller bottle that the nipple would fit on?    The hospital sent Brianna home with a few pacifiers.  They placed these pacifiers in a 2 ounce urine containers… come to find out… the Playtex nipple FIT on those containers! Better yet Brianna would actually drink out of that “kinda” baba…

The next morning we went to her feeding therapist and bragged about our finding!  She explained how babies can be so fussy with size, speed and textures… Three Baba  Learnings for Fussy Babies:

1) The taller the bottle the faster the fluid flows when it is tipped into the baby’s mouth… why Brianna liked the SMALL baba…

2) The nipple needs to be the right size. If the nipple is too long, too short, too fast your little one may avoid a feeding.

3) The nipple ring should never be attached too tightly! If the nipple ring is screwed on too tight and your baby also maintains a seal over the holes of the nipple with her tongue.  

 April 20083 things that encouraged Brianna to drink more: 1) Tapping your foot to rhythm the speed of your heartbeat helps baby to suck

2) Counting a pattern 1, 2, 3, 1,2,3 helps a baby remember to suck and keeps them from sleeping

3) Keep the infant in a room with no distractions

Back to the feeding therapist… she didn’t want us to leave her care until Brianna was using a real bottle and not a urine cup;-)   I found a 5 ounce Gerber Bottle that the nipple attached to well… better yet… Brianna used that dang mixed up bottle until she was 2 years old!  When the nipple was almost chewed off she decided on her own it was time for a princess sippie cup!  Shewwww… .I will keep that bottle forever! 

I also have 2 years of reflux stories… I should get to those someday!



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  1. Wow – you tough time! Poor Bri!

    I wish I knew about some of these bottle tips when Serenity was sucking one – I could’ve used it – big time!

    I had NO idea about that the length of the bottle determined how fast the fluid flowed – man that is a tip I really wish I knew about – well and the tapping foot tip too!

    A urine cup?! That’s SO funny!! I would really LOVE to see her face when she’s a teenager and you tell her THAT!!

  2. Okay – I totally left out key words!! I meant to say “you HAD A tough time”! Ooops!!

    • lol! knew what you meant… I have a billion other things we tried if anyone ever has an issue and wanted to brian storm with me:-) I learned at lot of these ideas from our wonderful feeding therapist! There is also a web site that sells different types of texture spoons, straws, books and toys that eat — I had no idea! All those baba issues were really hard but worth EVERY second!

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