GrowWithMeGifts (Plants growing along with Kids:-)

December 2, 2009 at 6:09 am | Posted in Winter 2009 | 1 Comment

A Little BackGround:

Brianna and I started this planting project in the summer of 2009 with some friends on FaceBook . It was pretty cool; we grew SunFlowers as a group with people who lived in all different locations!  We shared all the progress on our FB Page… The Texas Team was the Winner!

Brianna LOVED helping me make the kits for the children. Best yet, she LOVED to see the pictures of the kids with their kits.  We knew if she enjoyed watching other children doing the same project then other kiddo would also enjoy this!  We opened the first Fall/Winter Kit up to anyone who would like to join in the growing fun. Our kits can be purchased online at our Etsy Store.  The fall project is forcing Paperwhites:-) Currently there are about 20 fall kits out there in the universe:-)  We are currently working on a Spring/Summer 2010 Idea and it will be ready to go in March of 2010!  We hope to expand our kits to an even larger group this summer:-)

We encourage ANYONE (no purchased required) to  join our FaceBook Fan Page!  Kit owner or not… PLEASE feel free to provide thoughts/ideas, tips, comments or add photos to the Fan Page… and share the pics/ideas with your kiddos!

Our Current Fall/Winter Kits on sale through Jan. 2010… Spring/Summer 2010 Kits will be ready in March/April 2010.

Some Basic Bulb Findings To Date:

– KIDS LOVE to see the roots growing in the glass!

– Keep the water just below the bottom of the bulbs, they should not sit in the liquid (only the roots). If there is too much water the stalks may grow but the flowers may die and never blossom:-(

– IF the bulbs get too warm the stalks may grow but buds may die… keep the bulbs in a very cool part of the house

– Always talk to your bulbs… Ok, just seeing if you are reading this…haha

Our Next DARING Attempt!

We are on Kit # 3…. THIS KIT WE REALLY want for a Christmas Centerpiece… to make it less “floppy” we are adding “Alcohol!” I’m a little worried about this one but we read the instructions over and over… Let’s hope we do not overdose the bulbs:-) NOTE: We started them in water until they measured 2 inches tall before we added the alcohol. I sure hope it turns out to be a BEAUTIFUL Christmas Centerpiece! If it does not… we might just have a funny drunk plant story!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  If you are ordering Kits to go under the Christmas Tree, please order by December 10, 2009. That will allow time for shipping… and because we are shipping glass… it will allow you time to get a new one shipped out — JUST IN CASE!  Brianna’s Shirt was from the courtenycourtney market (Where courtneycourtney’s go to keep going!)


UPDATE:  Our Flowers with alcohol did GREAT!  1) PLEASE keep the plants away from heat… we did turn on the fire place (by the plants) one morning and a few of the bulbs did not blossom:-(  

 2) Make sure not give too much alcohol!  We measured 10 caps of water per 1 cap alcohol:-)


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  1. I want to try the alcohol! My stalks got really long and flopped over. I wonder if I put too much water on our plants? I made sure the water just covered the roots! Maybe it got too hot? IDK!! Serenity talked to the plant so I don’t think that’s the reason our flowers didn’t come out!! LOL!!

    Thanks for the alcohol tip – I’m definitely gonna try it!

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