My Sweet Lil’ Brianna

December 8, 2009 at 4:45 pm | Posted in Winter 2009 | 1 Comment

Our Lil’ GrowWithMeGifts Holiday GiveAway Update:-) Some people have asked, “Who is Brianna and what Does She Like To Do?”

Brianna is an adventures almost 3 1/2 year old. She is an only child and when asked who she likes the best she still answers, Mommy and Daddy.”  She loves when the three of us watch a movie together.  When we are are all together she smiles from ear to ear and says, “I LOVE MY FAMILY!”  We also have a few imaginary family members…LOL… Chauny (a boy) and Chauny Baby (a girl)… It makes things a little more exciting …LOL. 

Brianna loves to dance and takes part in a ballet and tap class. She leans towards ballet as she likes to dress up in tutu’s and be pretty:-)

She likes to play pretend and put on plays.  She  enjoys all her princess dress up clothes:-)

She love doing CRAFTS with her Mama and we attend the craft store together every weekend :-)! Many of our new craft and toy ideas are found on Angela’s treasuresfortots blog.

Brianna is now addicted to courtneycourtney dresses due to her mom’s purchase habits — lol! When asked to pick out her outfit for the day she ALWAYS picks her CC Dress! She says, “They are so comfy… ” and I would agree that these recycled T-Shirt dresses are very comfy. Too bad they don’t make them in Mama sizes;)  Courtney not only makes them comfy for your kiddos but she makes every dress unique…Kuddos to Courtney for her found talent.  TinkerBell would be proud of CC’s talent:-)  Yes, Brianna does like all the Tinker Bell Movies… We had to purchase Tinker Bell 2 the first day it hit the store shelves…  I’m pretty picky about what she watches and both of these movies are very good “G” movies… BTW: If you ever have ?’s about a movie’s content… look at the mom’s common sense review site (we check all our movies).

Like most kids… Brianna loves chocolate and ice cream and when I tell her, “not today,” she pouts…

 She loves to be busy, run and play ball — playing ball in CC dress 🙂  For some reason she loves to go to the city to explore. I think she just likes to go up and down the escalators in the big buildings.

I wish EVERYONE could win a growwithmegifts kit!!!  BRIANNA LOVES TO WATCH ALL THE KIDDOS KITS GROWING on our FB Page…

Now you have more data on how you might want to answer the GiveAway Question?  Give it a try:-)  For more contest info… click on this link:)


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