Winter Mess: Organize Those Gloves, Mittens, Hats and Scarfs!

December 30, 2009 at 12:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized, Winter 2009 | 2 Comments

I just love being home on vacation! All the messes I always wished to clean are starting to get cleaned up! We had so many gloves, hats and scarfs by the door that I was getting a lil’ annoyed:-) 

We went and looked at some baskets today but after Christmas I did not feel like spending any money. We had an old box and decided with a little decorating it would work perfect!

We created a montage with some fabric scraps, felt and colored paper. The glue sticks worked really well but we ran out — opps; -)

Then we used Elmer’s Glue and it was not as easy…

After Brianna goes to bed I think I’ll add a little hot glue on the edges!

It works PERFECT for us!

We have sooo much more to clean up and organize but my vacation is running out:-(



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  1. Awww – she did an excellent job!! I sure wish we did live closer – Serenity would have so much fun playing with Bri!

  2. Thank you! I do think the gals would have the same intrests… too fun!!!

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