Our “Be My Valentine” Crafts

January 17, 2010 at 3:20 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | 3 Comments


Today we started our Valentines Gifts:-)  First we thought about cards and then coloring pictures. . . but we wanted to give gifts with a little longer shelf life:-)   After a trip to the dollar store we quickly ended up with 2 Valentine Gift Ideas:-)

1) Loving You — Heart Gloves 2) Happy Heart Magnets

Loving You — Heart Gloves:

All you need: Gloves (we purchased a 3 pack at the dollar store) and fabric paint

1) Have the lil’ one make a fist.  Spread fabric pant pretty thick on your lil’ hunny’s right pinky “side” of their hand. 

2) Press the painted hand on the glove.  You have made one side of the heart!!! Tada! Clean off that hand…

3) Do the same with the left hand…. Tada… a heart made of lil’ hands!

Brianna made gloves for three special friend:-)

NOTE: Brianna  liked the messy hand part but this was tricky with small hands… I’d expect this would work very well with ages 5 +.

. . . We then started magnets for all our friends… These were REALLY FUN FOR THIS AGE. . .

Happy Heart Magnets:

All you need: A sheet magnet (we purchased at the dollar store)… Glue Stick and whatever odds and ends you have around the house to use to decorate the hearts…

1) Have an adult cut out hearts from the magnets (we cut out 20 hearts!)

2) Have your lil’ one glue on the design using the glue stick… (we made most of ours into silly faces).

Our GrowWithMeGifts Project has been keeping me busy… we have been working on a cool item to sell in our ETSY Shop starting in MARCH!!!  Please follow our fun in FB!   We have almost hit 100 FB Fans…  WHO WILL BE NUMBER 100??  Maybe you??

Below is a pic of our progress on  our final Fall/Winter Kit from 2009  (2 weeks) 😦  I’ll miss our lil’ plants after these flower… Brianna has been getting really competitive with her plants  as she sees the other kiddos load pics of their progress to our FB Page… I think it is sooo funny!



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  1. I LOVE all the pictures of Bri!! She’s adorable! CUTE CC!! Sweet crafty gifts too!

  2. SO cute! You did a great job – Bri is a doll too – as always!!

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