Educational… VERY Easy Kids Book Project!!!

January 23, 2010 at 10:34 pm | Posted in Winter 2010 | Leave a comment

A while back I asked our GrowWithMeGifts Facebook Fans if anyone had kids projects they wanted to share. I heard back from a few people offline and thought I would start sharing some of their great ideas on my blog.

This first idea was provided by Karen B.  She makes her boys “Sight Word Books.”  These books are so easy to make as you can pick from so many themes on the HubbardsCupboard Website! Karen explained to me how proud her boys were of these books.   We had to try this one out!!!!

 ONLY 6 easy steps!!!

1) Click on this link to take you to the  Hubbardscupboard Sight Word Section.

2) Choose from one of many themed pages (some themes include pages in Spanish, German or French).

3)  Print the PDF theme of your choice…  Two of the same pictures print on an 81/2×11 piece of paper.  The great part is that you will have one to give-away!

4) Cut the images apart

5) Let your little one color the pages

6) Staple:-)  If you’re worried about the staples being sharp;  you could always hole-punch the pages and tie them together with pretty ribbons!

It is official — Brianna had the same reaction as Karen’s boys!  She was soooo proud of her book and she too took the book everywhere!!!!

If you have a kids project you would like Brianna to kid test it on our blog… let us know!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: We have an extra book here that Brianna colored… Brianna would love to share her art!  We can send her lil’ book to the first person to comment on our GWMG FB Page under this post!? It might be a small gift but it was made with LOVE:-)

BTW: Our Spring/Summer GrowWithMeGifts Kits are moving along well!  We will be able to share more updates on our Fan Page Soon!

Thanks Karen!


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