2010 Spring/Summer Grow With Me Gifts Kit – Coming in March!

February 2, 2010 at 11:00 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | 3 Comments

Every project starts with an idea… every idea includes a group of supporters and talent!   Throughout the completion of this kit I’ll share with you the progress and let you meet the people involved with our creation:-)

Have you ever watched the extras after a Disney Movie DVD?  You know where they show you how they make the movie?  If so you know that all those colorful characters start out as pencil drawings. They want to make sure everything is just right before they give the little people their finishing touches.  We are in the pencil stage with our project only it is not a movie:-) 🙂

For this year’s project we decided we needed a colorful/fun keepsake item.   Since we wanted the item to be original to Grow With Me Gifts and to fit into our Spring Theme we decided to reach out to Marino Arts for help.  The founder, Emily Marino, specializes in animal art, pet portraitures, and anatomical illustrations in a variety of styles and mediums. Emily has completed works for agencies, publishers, and private collectors for more than a decade. She has worked in the Veterinary field as a Veterinarian’s assistant since she was in high school and has been around animals throughout her life.

“My goal as an artist has always been to make a difference in the lives of animals, animal lovers, and animal advocates. I want to help educate people about important animal issues through my art. Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we must be their voice. I speak through my art.” – Emily J. Marino

After seeing her work I knew right away she was the right person to help us on our project! Not to mention she was a miracle baby like Brianna:-)

Below is a glimpse of her work in progress!

Can you guess our Spring Project Theme?  Can you guess what this Illustration end product will be? Once someone guesses correctly on our  FaceBook Page; I’ll add a larger photo of the work in progress!  I’m sure your lil’ one can guess:-)

Emily has a FaceBook FanPage…  She shares some of her work on her page — feel free to join her.  You will be amazed!



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  1. OMGosh Kim – it’s looking AWESOME!! I can’t wait to see the finished project!!

    • thanks angela… if you have any friends who might be able to guess the project theme and item then ask them to share on my FB Page… Then I can add more of the picture… Teehee…

  2. I linked on my Treasures for Tots Facebook Fan page!

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