No relationship is quite like the one between a mother and her daughter

February 10, 2010 at 3:35 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | 3 Comments

A few people have asked me, “How do you think of your kids projects? ”

That’s an easy answer for me… “I have yet to  grow up!” But when Brianna hits “10” I’m going to need to get some adult help — lol! I’m sure there will be a “Mom’s of Pre-Teens FaceBook Page” I can join — LOL:-)

James snapped these pics of us this morning before work/daycare:-)  I dislike all pictures of myself but I do like pictures of me and my precious daughter…  I can only pray she says so sweet . . . She is our delight:-)

LOVE, LAUGH, SMILE, BE SILLY! Life is short… enjoy!

We are still on time to launch our Jack and The Beanstalk Themed Kit in March!  I MIGHT be able to share more from the artist on our FanPage tonight or tomorrow!



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  1. What great pictures of both of you! She is the cutest and most photogenic lil’ girl!! Love the Ariel hat! Is that a CC Dress? I have given up on every getting my girls one of those!:-( Brianna has the best wardrobe!

    • Thanks Meredith! James mentioned to me that we did not have any pics of the two of us… No surprise as I avoid pics in every way:-) Yes, it is a cc dress… Do not GIVE UP YET! She has a new “Sharing” rule… so people who have some are asked to wait… I’ve been collecting now for almost a year so have my share — I’m now in the sharing seat 🙂 Thanks again for the nice comment!

  2. LOVE this wonderful post! Y’all look so wonderfully happy and beautiful!

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