The Start of the Watercolor…BEAUTIFUL!

February 19, 2010 at 1:23 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | 1 Comment

Just had to share the Growth Chart artwork progress… Look how lovely the colors are coming together! I can’t wait to see this on Brianna’s Wall!

Less than 24 Hours Left For Your Chance to Win This Beautiful Custom Designed Growth Chart!

All you need to do to enter to WIN one is ask your child to pick his/her favorite animal and name it (see art work in progress to left).  Once you have the lucky critter and name then add it to our FaceBook FanPage!

The winner will also win a coloring page designed specifically for your child! This coloring page will be included in all our final kits and include your child’s critter, critter’s name and their first name!

One entry per family BUT extra entries for referrals to our FanPage! Ends Friday at 4pm.

About Our Jack and the Beanstalk Adventure and Wall Chart Kit

Our Jack and the Beanstalk Adventure Kit and Wall Chart provides hours of fun and learning for all ages. Children plant, and then watch the seeds break through the soil, growing inch by inch, day by exciting day. They witness the miracle of nature. They learn the lesson of caring for and nurturing life, by watering the plant regularly. Even more exciting, children learn to chart their own growth on our exclusive Wall Chart. It’s the perfect opportunity to share lessons of health and nutrition, which like sunshine and water for plants, are the essential ingredients to your child’s growth.Watch seeds grow, while charting the growth of your child too!

Kit includes everything you need to bring this imaginary adventure right to your home!

– Jack and The Beanstalk Growth Chart: Measures 8.75″ wide by 36″ long, starts from 26″ and goes up to 60″ tall.  This exclusive, full color, beautifully illustrated Jack and the Bean Stalk wall chart will be used to chart your child’s growth. Created by animal artist Emily Marino, your child will marvel at the friendly colorful animals climbing the bean stalk. The growth chart will be constructed of durable vinyl, suitable for permanent display to track years of your child’s growth. This may also be rolled up and stored as a keepsake.

– Bean seeds and step-by-step instructions

– FaceBook FanPage allows you to watch other kids working on the same projects as you. Ask questions and  brag about your growth progress!

– Jack and the Beanstalk Color Pages (The WINNER’S Critter will be included in all kits)

– FREE BONUS! Color print out of the Classic Jack and the Bean Stalk Fairy Tale (Artwork Courtesy of the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library and Dr. Henri Linton, Chair, UAPB Art Department and student Ariston Jacks, August 1998)

** Sorry, we can’t guarantee each plant will grow but we can guarantee any time spent with your children will be worth it! *** Kits contain small pieces… make sure parents are supervising

Emily Marino will share the final product this week…I can’t wait to see what color the bird will be??

Kits will be on sale in our Esty Store in March!



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  1. Oh wow Kim! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! I wonder what color the castle will be? And the giant!! This is just great – how fun!! And I know the kids will LOVE it too!

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