Congrats to Bug and Skylar!

February 20, 2010 at 2:37 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | 4 Comments

Thanks Skylar for giving the ladybug a name!

The artist will develop a coloring page using the ladybug and his new name!

Skylar will also obtain a Jack and The Beanstalk Adventure Kit in March!

Everyone please give Skylar a hand!  Great Job:-)

Once our kits are printed we will try to have another contest!

Thanks again for everyone’s support and time!  It means a lot to us and we had a lot of fun…

This weekend we hope to see more of the finished artwork.

Watch a silly video clip for Skylar!

Link to Random #8 Pick: Doc1



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  1. yeah!!! Thank you , we are so excited and Skylar loved the video.

    • Glad you are all excited! Once the shipping date is closer we will reach out for your address and we will send a PDF color page too! Thank you all for your time! We hope you have fun!

  2. […] allow Fans a downloadable  PDF version of “Bug.”   Bug was named by Skylar via our naming contest – thanks […]

  3. Congratulations Skylar!

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