Our Final Color Growth Chart Artwork!

February 24, 2010 at 2:52 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | 2 Comments

The color on the wall chart has been completed:-) Kudos to the artist who was able to bring our beanstalk adventure to life!

The bird ended up being pink and red! He is so adorable that we decided to give him the name Bubble Heart. Thanks for the name Austin and Alison!

Actually all the critters turned out so cute that Brianna decided to pick names for each of them from your suggestions!  Some ended up with two names and some did not as Brianna was in charge of name and that was what she decided?  She’s the boss — lol:-)

Meet Our Jack and the Beanstalk Friends!

Tracy the Fox (Thanks Madison!)

Carter Hopper the Frog (Thanks Serenity and Bailey!)

Rupert the Giant (Thanks Skyla L.)

Bubble Heart (Thanks Austin and Alison)

And of course “Bug” our ladybug… Thanks Skylar!

Our next steps are getting the final art to the printer! Follow printer progress on our FanPage too!

Thanks for the support,

Kim and Brianna


Kit includes everything you need to bring this imaginary adventure right to your home!

– Jack and The Beanstalk Growth Chart: Measures 8.75″ wide by 36″ long, starts from 26″ and goes up to 60″ tall.  This exclusive, full color, beautifully illustrated Jack and the Bean Stalk wall chart will be used to chart your child’s growth. Created by animal artist Emily Marino, your child will marvel at the friendly colorful animals climbing the bean stalk. The growth chart will be constructed of durable vinyl, suitable for permanent display to track years of your child’s growth. This may also be rolled up and stored as a keepsake.

– Bean seeds and step-by-step instructions

– FaceBook FanPage allows you to watch other kids working on the same projects as you. Ask questions and  brag about your growth progress!

– Jack and the Beanstalk Color Pages

– FREE BONUS! Color print out of the Classic Jack and the Bean Stalk Fairy Tale (Artwork Courtesy of the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library and Dr. Henri Linton, Chair, UAPB Art Department and student Ariston Jacks, August 1998)

** Sorry, we can’t guarantee each plant will grow but we can guarantee any time spent with your children will be worth it! *** Kits contain small pieces… make sure parents are supervising



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  1. The Beanstalk looks great!! Way to be a leader Brianna. Sounds like you had fun naming the critters.Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Kim! The names were a lot of fun;-) That has been Brianna’s fav part!

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