Pretty Notepads: Kids Craft Idea

February 28, 2010 at 4:15 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | 3 Comments

Angela’s treasures for tots craft blog shares great craft ideas but she also allows people to link their creative ideas off her blog.  One post she shared on her FanPage was a notepad craft from ready, set craft! We modified the idea to make it really easy for a 3-year-old:-) Brianna would like to give her notepads away as Spring/Easter Gifts to her friends. So we are ahead on something for once — JK!

Supplies Needed: 4 pack of small notepads = $1 at the dollar store, scissors, Glue Stick and BEAUTIFUL fabric scraps purchased from ZozoBugBaby (she has one listed now)!  NOTE: For professional looking pads an adult would need to use a permanent adhesive.  If you are simply allowing kids to provide these as gift than just use a lot of  glue stick 🙂 Or you could always add a little permanent glue to any loose edges when your little one is not looking;-)

The 10 Minute Project

1) I had Brianna hold my scissors with me in order to cut through the fabric

2) In order to get the fabric to stick well;  you will need to allow your lil’ one to use a lot of glue stick!  Brianna loved this part because on most projects I am always reminding her, “that is enough.”

3)Let your lil’ one try matching the shape to the cover.  I was surprised how well Brianna matched the “rectangle.”  Help them wiggle it over if needed;-)

4) all done… store until Eater Basket stuffing!

They are actually very pretty!

Notice Brianna’s Popeye Dress?  I just had to snag it when I saw it on Esty (Little Overcoat’s Store)!  Brianna was  ill when she was born and was such a little fighter.  We always tell her she is like Popeye… She is sooo proud of the dress!  Here are her fav Popeye Clips:

Popeye- Riot In Rhythm (1950) AND Popeye the Sailor in Gopher Spinach



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  1. Thank you for the shout out Kim! Bri did an excellent job on her little notebooks! They came out so pretty!

  2. Don’t forget to come link your craft project at my party: Thursday’s Treasures!!

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