Easter Bunny Basket Insert Craft For Parent and Child

March 10, 2010 at 11:37 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | 4 Comments

Here is a perfect Item to use to decorate your Easter Baskets.  You can simply insert the stick into the Eater Basket Grass to add some extra fun:-)

All you need:

1) Pompoms Balls (large White, Medium White and small pink)  2) Hot Glue 3) Elmere’s glue 4) Wiggle Eyes 5) Popsicle Sticks 6) White/Pink Chenille Bendy Stems (sequins or little flowers if wanted)

Easy Steps:

1) Let your little one count out the white and pink pompoms

2) Let the little One glue the little pompoms and eyes to the big pompom (you could just hot glue if you want a nicer looking item but Brianna likes the glue)

3) Bend wire into Ears…Brianna tried and then I fixed them

4) PARENT PART: Secure the pompoms and eyes  if needed… Hot glue the ears to the stick and then the pompom to the stick…NOTE: SET the ears and Pompoms on the hot glue and PRESS DOWN with a popsicle stick.  The glue will  leak through the pompom when you push it down.  I came close to burning my finger — eck:)

5) add sequins if wanted

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  1. Oh my gosh these are adorable! Next time I am in town I’am going to get supplies and make these. Austin will love it! Fun family project. Thanks for the idea!

    • YAY! Glad you liked it — we would love to see pics : -) they are fun and fast too… the best parts are letting them figure out where the eyes and nose go! Oh and seeing how they make the ears before you need to recreate them…lol! Even though I did a lot with hot glue Brianna thought she was the one to show me were it all went…lol!

  2. Too cute!! I’m gonna have to do this with Serenity!

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