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Brianna is  amazing all of us with her progress the last 2-days.

Surgery was on Monday and she ended up in extreme pain for 2 days.  I won’t go into details but trust me it was so hard to see my baby in such pain.  Once they got it controlled she was able to recover faster. 

She called her friend, Sofia, from daycare and Sofia said she had a HUGE present for her when she got home she could bring it over!  Brianna looked at us and said, “How do I get home?”  We said, “you need to be able to walk.” She said, “get the nurse to help me right away.” She was not standing very well at all and crying out in pain… but she just kept trying… next thing you know… she was walking with support and then telling me to let her do it by herself!   All the doctors and nurses were saying how she was one tough gal!

They let us go home with Codeine and the surgical drain last night!  Brianna turned into such a HAPPY kid here!   She did have a tough morning … she woke up at 5:30am vomiting. That had to hurt… It looked like only food that came up so that is a good thing. Of course her tummy then hurt badly and it was time for her Tylenol with Codeine.  We had to change to Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours.  It has been working pretty good… she’s had a few ouch moments but she is really doing well!

Brianna walked outside and was kinda mad she could not play hopscotch and that riding her bike was not working… “WHAT CAN I DO?” she said:-) At times she asks, “why do i have all these booboos??”I just keep reminding her it will be fine soon!

She got some colored pictures and cards in the mail and that makes her really happy — thanks to you all!  She napped a lot and that has been GREAT for her!!!

She saw her friend Sofia today at 6pm and she was soooo happy…. all the kids brought gifts and now Brianna thinks it looks like a store in our house…lol!  it will be good for her to keep her mind busy while she gets better… THANKS DAYCARE FRIENDS — WOW!  WOW!  You all ROCK!

WE ARE SO PROUD OF HER! She has something in this life that she is working so hard to get at!  I can’t wait to see what she decides to do as she gets older:-) 



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