Getting Closer to Normal… Meet Craft Princess

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We are still not sure what is in store for our little gal has in store as she gets older but we can’t wait to see what she decides to do with her life. She inspires us so much!  She has gone through so much and just snaps back so quickly.  She never stops amazing us or the medical staff.  

During her time of recovery, we have been touched and amazed by the tremendous amount of love and support everyone has provided to Brianna!!!  THANK YOU for your support! 

Because she needs to take it easy for another week during recovery;  we have provided her the name, “Craft Princess.” crown from Libby

Below we listed some of the crafts we completed this week.  These are GREAT crafts to consider doing with your little one(s)on a rainy day:   

Build-A-Bear: Find a location to purchase near you. I did the stitching and Brianna watched in amazement as her bear came to life!  She could not wait to stuff it… What a fun way to teach kids how things are made. 10216_day_5_003_display62456_day_5_017_display   










Thanks Gavin, Sarah and Kristen

Sticky Mosaics Jewels by Orb Factory:  This is an adorable idea. The box says 5+ but once you show your 3/4 year old what color goes on each number then they can go to town.  Here’s a little video here on this site about these kits I found online… VERY COOL!   

Shrinky Dinks: Wow, memories from when I was a kid! Says 6+ but with help a 3/4 year old will be amazed by these little things.   Brianna colored and then tried to cut some out — I had to cut and hole punch most.  The cool part for her was coloring and then watching them shrink in the oven!   

Thanks Libby!

Melissa and Doug Magic Wand Craft: Melissa and Doug crafts  never fail to amaze me with the quality of their toys and crafts! This wand is IDEAL for a 3/4 year old!  It comes in 2 pieces and Brianna was so excited that she knew how to put it together, paint it and use the glitter.  She’s very proud of this magic wand!  

Brianna needs to rest one more week…  we will be sure to share with you more crafts soon!  



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