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 The main reason for that was that without those surgeries she was unable to come  home with us:-)  This time she was already “home” for almost 4 years… and she was healthy… Plus now she can talk and tell us, “it hurts.”   

The good part is that she had no idea all the fear leading up to it or the risks involved.  When it was over her main goal was to get back to how she felt before it happened.  And that is exactly what she did… she did all she could to get back to her life.  

The  muscles in her tummy were not big enough to stretch all the way during surgery.  But her insides will still be protected by a gortex patch in those open areas.   The medical field is so advanced and we are thankful for these individuals and their extreme talents.   

She still has the bandage strips on her tummy.  I’m thrilled about this as the surgeon said they will probably fall off between 1 1/2 and 3 weeks from our last appointment. The longer they stay the better the healing.  It will be 2-weeks on Tuesday! They are getting a little loose around the edges. Ihope they make it another week — I’m all about better healing.  

She asked us on Saturday night if she could talk to the Pastor…she said, “I want to show him my tummy.” Pastor Greg from her church school visited her at the hospital.  Many things are now fuzzy to Brianna, so we are surprised she remembered this:-)  Bless… She wants him to know she is doing better.

She went back to a dance class last week and did great!  She is back to church school and loves to sing there… she’s been needing a little extra rest so she has been staying at my parents.  she has been very cautious about what she does and that is good.

She is such a normal child that it is hard for us to think she has ever gone through so much.   

We are thankful for all the people who have been thinking of her:-)  

One of Three Daycare Gals in Brianna's Dance Class

Below is something really fun to us!  We love courtneycourtney (cc) comfy dresses and below is a pic of Brianna almost a year ago along with another lil’ hunny.   cc has a place on FaceBook to trade/sell her clothes that no longer fit.  cc made the below pic as an example… we just love it! 


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