Welcome Robin Friends!

May 5, 2010 at 2:13 am | Posted in Spring 2010 | 1 Comment


A robin built a nest in our bathroom window!  I love that she wanted to share the joy of her three babies with us!  We named the babies Hunny, Lovely and Fuzzy!

I decided to read up about our new family members on wikipedia.org.  I learned a few new things about our lil’ friends…. Below you can read a summary from the wiki.

The  North American Robin is widely distributed throughout North America, wintering south of Canada from Florida to central Mexico and along the Pacific Coast. It is the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The eggs are incubated by the female alone and hatch after 14 days, and chicks leave the nest a further two weeks later. The babies are naked and have their eyes closed for the first few days after hatching. While the chicks are still young, the mother covers them continuously. When they are older, the mother will cover them only at night or during bad weather. Even after leaving the nest, the juveniles will follow their parents around and beg food from them. Juveniles become capable of sustained flight after about two weeks.

The longest known lifespan in the wild of an American Robin is 14 years; the average lifespan is about 2 years.

Welcome Fuzzy, Lovely and Hunny


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  1. […] Our Robin Friends on Day 3 . . . May 7, 2010 at 3:26 am | In Spring 2010 | Leave a Comment Our Robin Friends are getting so big!  They are 3 days old and that mommy is really working hard!  She keeps them warm at night and if it rains she covers them very tight with her wings.  The daddy helps a lot too!  It is a hard job to take care of those three babies! The daddy keeps close guard of the next when the mommy leaves to get food and he makes noises when it is safe for her to go back to the nest.  What a BEAUTIFUL family:-) Learn more about Robins and see pictures from their birthday by clicking here. […]

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