Robin’s Day 14: Their First Flight

May 18, 2010 at 3:07 am | Posted in Spring 2010 | Leave a comment

This morning when I woke up they were walking the window ledge… their mom was cheering them on:-)  The first fellow simply put out his wings and glided down to the grass so peacefully (so fast  I missed the picture).  His mommy chirped behind him and pushed him under a bush.  The second robin was looking around like, “No way am I jumping down there!”   I did not expect him to be around when I returned from work.  To my surprise she was waiting for me to come home!  She looked at me a lot and looked down… Then Brianna cheered her on, “you can do it… fly!”   soon enough she glided down but not as peacefully… lol… then she tumbled around the grass a little as she learned to walk.  She looked back up at the nest and wondered why she had left:-(   I worried as the mommy did not come to help right away.   About  minutes later the mommy came to the empty nest with a worm and looked around… she quickly found the little one and brought her the worm.

Good Luck Little Friends!

Ok sis! This is it!

That Guy is Crazy!

He looks so big down there!

I'll miss you human mommy!

I'll miss you too!

Weak in the knees



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