My Grandma — love me

May 28, 2010 at 3:05 am | Posted in Spring 2010 | 3 Comments
Grams at 6 months

My Grandma


How did you always keep a smile,
even when your heart may have felt hollow?
How did you always light up…
even when things may have been tough?

How did you manage to grin and bear
even when life seemed so unfair?
And when you felt down…
you avoided a frown!

At times you could have lost faith…
But not you, never a trace!
And you never let any test —
keep you from being the best.

Your work ethic so strong —

you keep going all yearlong.
You never took a break
even for a backache!

You never missed my hugs…
or got mad when I spilled on your rug!
You understand when I’m sad. . .
and you never once told me I was bad!

Thank you for letting me sit on your lap.

Thank you for understanding my mishaps.
Thanks you for picking me up from my knees. . .
And never missing my many parties!

Thank you for making Sunday Lunch.
For getting watermelon and pouring me my punch!
Thanks for helping me write with chalk…

And pushing me in your hammock!

Thank you for raising two of my best friends —

on both I so depend!
Thanks for being our family’s role model
by always being so cheerful!

We love you so much!

Grandma, Grandpa and her Children


Grandma and her Children

grandma and my dad at Brianna’s 2nd B-Day

grandma Christmas Party 2008 – always a smile

Brianna a few weeks old





sleepy girl



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  1. Kim—You wrote a very beautiful, descriptive tribute to

    • Thank you so much! I miss her:(

  2. Kim.. You wrote a lovvely, descriptive account of all the details that made your grandmother SPECIAL to you!!!! She is smiling indeed. .

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