Easy to Make Fuzzy Dog Craft

July 4, 2010 at 4:23 am | Posted in Summer 2010 | Leave a comment

We purchased the Fuzzimal Puppies Kit by Klutz today… the kit really makes it easy to create the cutest puppies… but you can also purchase the items on your own:

Supplies: Fur Yarn, Glue, Lil’ wiggle eyes, Felt for ears and collars, Black bead or pompom for the nose, Pencil and scissors, fuzzy pipe cleaners — if you can find them

1) start with 2 pipe cleaners… cut them in half = 4 pieces (you’ll only end up needing 3)

2) Take 1 of the 3 and cut in half again — these small pieces will be the legs — bend them into a “V” (you now have 2 “V’s”)

what to do with the 3 pieces

3) The 2nd piece will be wrapped around the middle of a pencil like a snake until tight… then pull it off

Need a min 60 inches of yarn for each dog

4) the last piece should be wrapped only 3 times on the sharp end of the pencil.  This is the head:-)  pull off… and then bend a neck and the very end of this will be the tail

5) Slide the tail thru the body coil and then put the body on its side and flatten the coil around the head/tail (do not flatten the head).

6) put the V’s (legs) over the body coil and twist a few times

7) wrap the body with the yarn and then the neck (leave nose) and then wrap the tail (to tip if wanted)  Guess you could wrap the legs a little if you wanted:-) You will need at least 60 inches off fabric yarn for each dog…

8)glue the end of the yarn so it stays… glue on eyes, nose and ears (make the ears anyway you choose from the felt)

how they go together

9) bend the feet so it can stand… add collar if wanted… hey you could make clothes if wanted… Brianna thought one of ours needed a coat, so we used zozobugbaby fabric scraps:-)

It takes about 10 minutes to make one dog — PERFECT for Brianna’s age (4)… she LOVES IT!

THESE WOULD HAVE BEEN THE PERFECT BLUE’S CLUES PARTY GIFTS:-(  Too bad I didn’t know how to makes these 3 years ago — boo!

supplies = dog

Brianna's Dog With Coat:-)

Have a Relaxing 4th of July!

Brianna’s clippie was made by treasuresfortots…  Make sure to check out her Etsy Store!


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