Crafty Cooking Kits For Your Lil’ Baker

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A few weeks ago we posted about Keebler Paint-Your-Own Animal Cookie Kit.  The kit was perfect for a 4-year old and allows kids to PAINT cookies… how cool is that?  Once you’re done with your kit you can enter your creation on their web site at Each month one winner is chosen and will win a Crafty Cooking Kit party consisting of six Crafty Cooking Kits. 

Recently they started a Crafty Cooking Kits’ fan page on facebook. Here you can easily brag about your latest Crafty Cooking Kit Creation (s)! While on the FanPage we learned about their  Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Kits. Yes, of course we HAD to have it and we again had so much fun!  The kit contained everything you need to bake and decorate ice cream cone cupcakes including oven-safe, reusable silicone cups in the shapes of ice cream cones. This is a really good deal.  Go to the Online Toys R Us Store and they’re ONLY $6.98 ! 

Since Brianna and I love garden’s we are trying hard to find their Blooming Cupcakes Kit!  ADORABLE… 

The ice cream cones are usable cups! They can be used over and over for parties and fun! 

The box read: MIX, BAKE, DECORATE and ENJOY!  Really it’s that easy! I had to help Brianna with measuring out the oil, eggs and water but she was able to participate with little help. 





prepare to bake

Decorate - you can just frost but this looked fun to us:-)


NOTE: the frosting included w/ kit seemed too buttery… we would use much less butter the next round or just creamy-ready-to spread frosting. mmmm:-) 


ENJOY! First by eating frosting....



Brianna Had MUCH FUN again in the Kitchen!  The cones washed up EASY!  I’m sure they will house many fun projects in the future! 

ENJOY! Second by eating cake w/spoon!


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