Grow With Me Gifts Season 4!

July 18, 2010 at 3:07 am | Posted in Summer 2010 | Leave a comment

It seems funny that started sharing our fun growing plant projects with you all over a year ago!  We have so much fun that it seems like yesterday. 

Season 1: Sunflower Kits were great… Brianna painted the little plastic flower points and we tied them up cute with all you needed to grow sunflowers… That was probably my fav season!  It was simple and fun:-)   

Season 2: Forcing Paper Whites: This to is a fav project of ours but the pretty marbles and glass vases we used were heavy and made for high shipping, so that was an interesting learning.  But watching all your plants grow was so much fun! 


Jack and the Beanstalk Adventure and Growth Chart Kit


Season 3: Jack and the Beanstalk Adventure and Wall Chart.  This by far was our fav adventure.  We were able to work with an extremely talented artist to draw and paint exactly what we had in our minds for this kit.  Emily was able to take this project past our growing and add a growth chart visual just for GWMGs. These kits will remain available in our store while supplies last.  This growth chart will start any conversation as it is truly unique.  Brianna and I both feel proud to see it each time we enter our room!  The best part about this project was to see our imagination come right off the press in front of our eyes:-)







Season 4: Wheat Grass Critters… this is a project that Brianna can be involved in again… it is pretty simply but very sweet and cute!  This project was designed to be a low-cost activity that you can easily do with your children… A perfect gift for fall/winter birthdays and the holidays! 

Win one here.


All our activities are developed for family fun and learning!  They are also a great reminders that like plants… our kiddos are growing quickly!  Each day needs to be nurtured.  We encourage you to use a keep-sake growth chart to track your kids growth.  This will be a wonderful item to look back on as your child(ren) grow. 


Season 5 will be different… a lot of new changes!


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