Sunday Newspaper Project

August 22, 2010 at 8:18 pm | Posted in Summer 2010 | 1 Comment

When I was in advertising we used to host focus groups and ask people to simply look through magazines and pull out things that reminded them of certain brands or commercials.

Not sure why the mess of papers on the floor reminded me of that this morning?  BUT… I thought I’d like to see what Brianna thought about her mom and dad:-)

Daddy’s was sweet… she picked out a backpack because James helps her carry hers into camp. Tinker Bell because she remembers him watching that with her. A man with curly hair and then a man with a belt and shirt like daddy:-) Of course… daddy holding her on his back:-)  She seemed to talk a lot about daddy being “safe, fun, relaxed and silly.”

Mommy’s was also sweet.   Coffee was the first thing she found?!  LOL… She seemed to pick out a lot of emotional side items… She said, “cuddling, reading, teaching, helping, crafts.”  I love that she said the kitchen and washer and dryer remind her of me?  OOO… and she laughed when she saw the camera… she said, “MOM!!”

I think she knows us well:-)

Brianna’s was the sweetest… I told her to pick things that reminded her of herself.

She still focuses on the top 3 areas in Maslow’s hierarchy of basic needs… LOVE the 4-year’s old brain.

Physiological needs: Food, air – her main category

Safety: Personal security (house, couch, tooth-brush and bed),Financial security(she gave all three of us money), Health and well-being

Love and belonging and then she hit on some top of mind fun things:-)




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  1. This is BRILLIANT! Found it through a friend’s posting on Facebook. Thanks so much for the project. I love the idea of using pictures to project a subconscious narrative. Pluuuuus, it’s great for kids who may not be excellent drawers to express themselves.

    PS love your interpretation of what the collages represented. Insightful!

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