What is a quilt?

August 28, 2010 at 4:32 am | Posted in Summer 2010 | 2 Comments

What is a quilt?

In the dictionary it states:  a type of bedding composed several layers generally combined using the technique of quilting. Many are made with decorative designs.

I think it is much more! A quilt to me is much hard work and creative talent!  It is also a one-of-a-kind original piece that lives in your home and becomes a part of your life for m

Brianna's New Quilt

any years.  This is why I felt Brianna’s room needed the love of a quilt.

I had many ideas in mind but no time to learn how to make a quilt. My mother-in-law is a pro but recently had surgery… so I searched Etsy for hours for that perfect quilt.  I found a listing that was for 2-small lap quilts but I need a twin size:-( One of the small quilt I found look so much like home and I loved the creative pattern! I could NOT pass this up… I must inquire more… It looks so warm… so loved and so sweet!  The shop was willing to make this larger for us… YAY!


still in the works and will soon have a label with Brianna’s Name… but she was willing to send us a Sneak Peek!!!

My other Fav quilt…

My mother-in-law made a quilt for each of her kids when they graduated high school… these were to tell the story of their lives… I had to share a few pics of this… it has been such a part of our lives!

There is nothing better than a home-made quilt!

Mother-In-Laws Art on a Quilt

Mother-In-Laws Art on a Quilt

Mother-In-Laws Art on a Quilt

Mother-In-Laws Art on a Quilt



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  1. Thanx so much for the inspiration! Now I got really nervous – having a mother-in-law that is professional and such a lovely family quilt! In Bulgaria it is quite rare craft and it’s extremely difficult with the quilting supplies, but when a man loves his job there’s nothing that can stop him:) At the same time the handmade things are so much more than just things… they have their own attitude and emotions:)

    • It is PERFECT!!! Thanks….

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