Our Quilt Has Arrived!

September 11, 2010 at 3:54 am | Posted in Fall 2010 | 1 Comment

This quilt was a delightful situation!  I wanted something unique that would grow along with Brianna… AND I FOUND IT! well kinda… after hours of searching ETSY, I found smaller quilt.  So I randomly inquired on the how it was what I wanted but probably too small… I obtained an email back right away stating that she would work with me on my needs!  That type of customer services is hard to find now-a-days:-)

Long story short… the quilt we liked was turned into a full size quilt just for Brianna! I did not know right away either that the quilt was to travel here from Europe… but that makes it even more special.

Now for the MANY pics that express the joy this quilt has already brought to our lives!

Click here on how it was made.

Awww.. .mom, they are so sweet!

I love them!

The babies had a long trip -- they need their bottle

rest kittens


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  1. Oh, God! I’ve been so busy lately and I just noticed your wonderful quilt story… I had butterflies all over my stomach and thank you and Brianna for that! Thank you for being so gorgeous sunny people!

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