Kids say the most amazing things!

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I love how children look at life. Everything is very simple and sweet…  I always try to remember Brianna’s comments but still seem to forget them quickly. I decided to start tracking some of them here in my journal blog.  I was able to pull these statements from my FB post… these are 3 1/2 to current.


Brianna wanted to know if when she finds her prince if she could still live with me. haha.


Loving my daughter… this morning my hair was wet, shirt was wrinkled, no make-up and a hole in my sock… she looked at me and said, “Mommy, you are so beautiful!” Glad I have her fooled…


I picked up a cough while at the hospital with Brianna. I told her I might need to take myself to the doctor and she said, “Mom, I’ll go with you, so I can keep an eye on you.” Thank goodness:-)


Brie said thispicture is mommy and she’s an octopus for doing so much.


James called me. He said he was singing in the car on the way to Brianna’s Daycare. He asked her if he could come in and sing to all her friends and she said, “Please Daddy Don’t Do That!” OMG, my tummy hurts from laughing… hahaha!


Brianna asked me to put some ear drops and meat ball in her ear! haha… she means a cotton ball… she had an ear infection.


Brianna’s prayer tonight: “Dear God, how do my prayers make it to you if they don’t have wings and how do you drink milk and go to the potty? My mom does not know, so please let me know.” haha! mom already knows nothing:-)


Brianna’s prayer tonight, “Dear God – how do you make skin and organs?” once again mom does not know anything… haha


brianna just asked me if I could sleep on her top bunk when she goes to college. haha.


brianna just asked me if God knows spanish. lol. yes dear he knows everything


brianna just told me she does not want to get bigger because then ill be too old to play with her. what a lil lover.


summer school was a success …. but she did say she still rather be with me… she is really worried I’m going to get old when she is away!


Today was PJ Day at Camp. I purchased Brianna a pair of shorts and and tank PJ Set JUST for this special day… This morning she cried when I got them on her and begged to wear something else! I was heart-broke she didn’t like them… She calmed down and told me… “mom, I can wear them when I get home tonight but the shirt covers the shorts and that isn’t cool for school.” growing up!


Brianna wants to know where mermaids go potty? ummm…. I never asked these questions…


walked in bathroom and found brianna flushing the potty with her foot. what I do in public b room. lol.


Brianna said, “when you pray do all your fears fly in the air on little pieces of paper?” Bless.


Yeah, for a successful school day! Brianna said she loves her new school and we don’t need to pick her up too early. Then she said, “mom, you will be happy… the bathrooms are really clean!” Now we can all rest:-)


Sha… my bb gal just woke up and told me, “mum, I’m so happy to have you” Love those good dreams:-)


Brianna’s balloon popped at the store. She went back for another and no joke it popped again for no reason… Her eyes teared up and she looked at me screaming, “I’m having such a bad day!” It actually broke my heart:-)


Brianna’s prayers, “Dear God, please let Tyler and Cody move back to my state because it confuses me that they are waking up in China when I go to bed.”


Brianna was talking and I said, “What?” She said, “Shhh, I’m talking to my brain.”


“daddy, when I meet my prince I hope he is just as handsome as you.”


I told Briana we needed to check the weather before we go to grandma’s house. She said. “maybe if our roads are bad by our house then Grandma can pick me up if her roads are not as bad.” haha! it almost made sense:-))

1/17/11: “mom, I asked Tyler in my class to be my prince and marry me and he said yes.”  Shocked Mom, “what?” Brianna… “don’t worry, I explained to him that I first needed to finish preschool and go to college and then find a job…” He said “ok…”  lol

1/27/11 This one plays well off the above…pictures were yesterday at Brianna’s preschool.  She said, “Tyler looked handsome in his nice pants and shirt but he even looks nice in his rebeling clothes?”  I was like. “what is this rebel – ing clothes?”  James informed me she meant “REGULAR” clothes.

1/28/11: “mom, i LOVE School and I’m soo happy there!”  Lets hope it stays that way forever:-)

2/26/11: Yesterday I was sliding on the ice while driving and said out loud, “dear God just get us home safe.”  Brianna said, “sorry mom, it does not really work that way” I was like… “it better:-) ”  I love it because she used to pray at night like, “please let me cousins come to my window now.”  I informed her that it does not always work like that…hhaahaha!  she used it right back at me:-)

2/26/11:  concerned, “why is that fire in his mouth and he’s smoking?!”  It was hard to explain a cigarette in a politically correct way to a 4-year old:-)  When we were kids smoking was much more of a norm and ALL over TV…. so it is funny she has no clue.


2/27/11:”dad, just let mom be she probably needs some selfish time”


Rainy Day Reading…


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