Reindeer hand print towel: toddler project

December 13, 2010 at 12:26 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | Leave a comment

Last Christmas we made helping hand towel… this year we decided to add feet and well why not make it into a reindeer:-)

All we used:

6 Hand Towels

6 Red Beads (thread and needle)

Fabric Paint: Dark Brown, Light Brown and Blue


Paint Brush

Lil hands and feet:-) I’d recommend a 4 Year old + There is no way Brianna would have been able to do this last year.  You need a very steady hand and foot — lol!

– – – – – –

Step 1: Lay the towels flat(newspaper under them to be safe)

Step 2: add the light-colored brown paint right on the child’s hand.   Do one hand at a time — we tried 2  the first time and it didn’t work out well.  You will need to spread the paint on the child’s hand with your hand then have a rag ready to wipe up your hand, so you don’t get it on the towel when you help the him/her push hand down.  Then count to three and hold the towel down and have the child pull his/her hand up.  Repeat with the next hand.

– complete all hands on the towels

Step 3: Feet… spread the dark brown with your hand on your child’s right foot.  Have a chair for him/her to hold on to when they pull their foot off.  Have the child place the foot in the center of the hands.  This is actually pretty easy for them to step in the middle.  Then you will need to clean your hand off before you hold both sides of the towel and then count to three and have the child place the foot down on newspaper and repeat paint for each towel.

Step 4: Eyes: squeeze some blue eyes on each towel.

Step 5: Take a paint brush and better define the hand prints if needed.

Step 6: Nose: Sew a bead or button on the nose!

Step 7: dry over night…

Step 8: Wrap up for your loved ones… they’ll love em:-)

Merry Christmas


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