Christmas Tree 2010: Story to Remember

December 20, 2010 at 12:51 am | Posted in Winter 2010 | Leave a comment

Brianna has been picking out our tree since she’s been 2 years-old. This tradition started because when I was a kid my dad allowed me to pick out most our trees.  No matter how the tree looked my dad always told me the tree was beautiful.  There were times I used to think the tree looked bad but my dad always sat back and said, “This is the best tree yet!”  As I got older I knew he didn’t always mean it but I knew he didn’t care how it looked as long as I could be involved.

Back to 2010:  While at the tree lot Brianna passed up many perfect trees to find the right one.  It was cold and the snow was deep, so we encouraged her to hurry and pick one out.  She finally picked one that looked a little slanted but James grabbed the saw and cut it down.

Round one: forced it to be straight... looks pretty good

The next night we took it out of the garage and James put in the stand.  That’s when we noticed the tree  was more than a little slanted.  The trunk bends left, then right and the left again… Soooo… this made it hard to straighten in the stand but with a few tricks we tried to make it look straighter. We had a ball decorating the tree and it was looking ok but we did force the poor tree to stand in  a way it was never meant to stand = straight!

Around 12am that night we heard CRASH!  That tree was not going to be anything it was not meant to be!  So, I put the trunk in and the correct straight way in the stand (added a rope to be safe) and let the tree be who he was meant to be.  The tree now stands firm and happy!

Although the tree is not perfect it will be a memory and lesson we will always remember.

Happy Holidays!


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