Making Finger Puppets For New Year’s Eve Fun!

December 29, 2010 at 1:26 pm | Posted in Winter 2010 | Leave a comment

New Year’s Parties have sure changed since Brianna has come along:-)  This year she’s planning a finger puppet show for us.  


Old cardboard from wrapping paper — works PERFECT (or you cold use poster board), Fabric Scraps, Skin Color Felt, Markers for eyes and mouth (can also use other decorations), Hair: felt, ribbons, yarn or string and of course hot glue (adult)

The Easy Steps

1) Let your little one pick out the character’s needed for the show.  Brianna chose Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Allyson and of course herself:-)

2) Fold over cardboard to fit over your finger (can leave the top open)

3) Hot glue sides together

4) Have your little one pick out color fabric scraps to go around puppets and have an adult hot glue edges

5) Let your child look through ribbons, felt, etc and look for the best hair for each character (adult hot glue on character)

6) Cut a thin band of skin color fabric out and wrap and hot glue edges around the top for the head (adult)

7) Add eyes and mouth with marker (adult or child)

8) Arms: cut tiny pieces of pipe cleaner and hot glue them into skin color felt (adult)

– Brianna counted out the number of arms needed

I think my 8-year old niece would have been able to do most of this on her own but still fun for Brianna because she got to pick out the puppets clothes and to be involved.


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