Happy New Year!

December 31, 2010 at 3:26 pm | Posted in Winter 2010 | Leave a comment

Happy New Year All!

I love taking the time over the holidays to think about our lives and some of our projects.  Today we were  thinking about the 4 -fun  GWMG projects and all the lovely people we’ve met along the way!

It seems like yesterday we were asking a few friends to grow sunflowers (season 1) with us on FB:-)  Then we opened forcing paper whites (season 2) to the public that fall.  We ended up with a handful of special people across the U.S. growing them with us.

Just last spring we started designing our Bean Stalk Wall Chart w/seeds (season 3).  These kits were adored by people who purchased them and the chart will act as a keepsake for all future projects.  The artist who painted this fantastic chart created a magical experience for us!  Brianna had no idea the process involved with creating a chart:-)  We only printed a few dozen charts and they sold very consistently through the year.  We had only 10 left when we attended our first craft show and at this time sold them all out before the show was even over.  Now we need to decide if we will ever print more in the future… at this time we like that there are not many out there in the world:)

Winter 2010… Our Grass Heads did ok but the fall/winter kits are hard for us because we can’t get outside and really a crazy time of year. We are considering  sticking with only spring/summer kits. Plus since we’ve started flower fairies it might make more sense to focus on those for the holidays.  For the new year we started a new FB Page for Flower Fairies just to help us stay focused on growing and gifts on our GWMG Page. Then we decided in order to stay organized we also needed a page for all the GiveAways we love… All efforts to keep us focused on each topic– lol!  Tis the Season to getorganized:-)

Spring/Summer 2011 Project Plans are underway! Yes, PUMPKINS for season 5!  We are ready for our challenge and hope we have others to share it with us again next year.

We look forward to another year!  Happy New Year Friend and Family . . .


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