A Very Special Me: O Book Progress

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Our daughter Brianna was born with an Omphalocele. This is a belly booboo that caused her stomach, liver, gall bladder and intestines to grow on the outside of her belly in a sac. 

Brianna had her fourth and hopefully last surgery in April of 2010.   The first 2-years were a little tricky but really she has been an amazing child. As she got older she would ask me more about her birth, doctor appointments and tummy. In December 2009 I started writing down some words for a possible book…. I was trying to figure out a way to easily share with young children at a high level why they “were” a little different at birth yet just the same as any kiddos… and VERY special.  My words had little flow but it was a sweet idea.  In February 2010 I sent my words to a friend who worked with me as a writer at my first job.  She and her husband not only provided thoughts and edited the words but created an amazing story that rhymed perfectly.

Things got a little busy and some time past by but I knew the words needed pictures!  It was easy to choose the books illustrator…  she is an O adult herself and I knew she would  have the passion to illustrate this children’s book.  

Each step of the way I get more excited. . . Now all the art is almost completed and soon the “words” will meet the “pictures!” We are printing enough to sell to other O mothers and proceeds will go to O Research. 

I love to watch ideas turn into tangible item…. Below you will see the process for one of the pages:-)

Thanks to the writers Kristin/Todd Wicks for amazing words and Emily Marino for her fantastic artistic ability… we will soon have a book that will provide encouragement to new mothers and insights to children.

btw: the book is  paperback w/12  pages but 24 front/back

Steps 1 and 2

Steps 3 and 4


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