The Story of the ‘Story Book’

November 16, 2011 at 4:49 am | Posted in fall 2011 | 1 Comment


About a year ago I had a ‘vision’ of an omphalocele story for Brianna.


In October of 2010 we started talking to doctors about Brianna’s final abdominal muscle closure.  Brianna was old enough to understand what the doctors’ were saying and she wanted to know why her tummy was different. I started writing down ways to explain to her the story.  I wanted to avoid making her feel different and tried to keep it factual.  I find it’s best to provide her with  just enough facts to outline the picture and then let her ask more questions.   Most kids do best coloring in the picture themselves.


My words had no specific flow or rhyme but I wanted to get them on paper. I wanted to be clear on how to approach the topic.  I sent my words to Kristin in December 2010.  I used to work with Kristin and her husband, Todd, at Campbell-Ewald Advertising. They’re both extremely talented writers.  I asked Kristin to proof my copy, so I could make a few pictures to print along with it for Brianna.


The holidays approached and Brianna’s surgery was scheduled for April. Life got crazy again but Kristin didn’t forget my story. She emailed me, “I’m still working on the copy.  Sorry for the delay!”  I was shocked… “Nothing to be sorry about you’re volunteering to help!”


My dad always told me, “Many times the busiest people volunteer.”  I have to agree with that in the case of my book.  Kristin was working and just had her third child!

In February of 2011, Kristin sent me more than just edited copy.  She sent two sets of beautifully flowing copy.  One rhymed so well that I knew my “little story” needed the perfect “pictures.” 


Through a support group I met Emily, an omphalocle adult.  She’s an extremely talented artist.  After she read the words she too knew the “little story” with “pictures” needed to be a  “book.” Plus this “book”  needed to be shared!


  • March 2011:  Story boards
  • April 2011: Line drawings
  • July 2011: Final water colored images
  • September 2011: Words hit the pages
  • October: Files made digital and sent off to the printer

The next thing you know I’m finding book codes, printers and then signing up to print 300 copies!

An Exciting Moment!

The first proof arrived almost 2-weeeks ago. I eagerly stalked the UPS man from work by refreshing my online shipping notice.  It was 2:28pm when the online notice was updated to “Delivered!”

After work, I rushed home only to be greeted by my angel rushing towards me with the book.  She said, “Thank you so much Mommy for making me a book!”


The revised proof is due for review by 11/18.  I opened preorders yesterday at

Thank you!


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  1. I love the new book! I think it’s so cool you wrote a book for Brianna!! I’ll be buying Serenity’s copy next week!!

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