The things young kids say…

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When Brianna was little I tracked many of her silly thoughts and now I’d like to start a log for Maya.  Actually my Aunt reminded me:).  Better late than never?

1/27/17: Maya just said, “I wish I was God!” Why Maya? “He’s really important and everyone loves him. ” Haha. 😂😂😂

She calls a fort a fork.  Love this

Brianna is BeeAnna   I actually like that❤️

Aug. 2017

Potatoes are tomatoes.

Are you sure you want to spend all your money on this?  “yes, I can just get more out of my Piggy Bank.”

Me. “Maya, next weekend I’m going to visit some friends…” Maya, “cool, I want to go with you!!!!!!!!!” Brianna, “it’s just the mom’s and no kids.” Maya, “so if I just dress in grown up clothes it would be ok! But… they probably would know?!”

Brianna runs and screams when flies get inside. Maya finds it to be a good career path. 😂

Maya = 4 1/2

“mom, there is a bug in my eye. You know the spider things that move when you blink your eyes? ”  Your eye lashes?  “oh yes!”

“mom, do you think God will let us go visit him? I want to ask him why moms get hair under their arms!”






More to come….




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