Make and Decorate Your Own ELF HAT!

November 17, 2013 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Winter 2013 | Leave a comment

Brianna’s music teacher sent home a note asking the kids the make their own elf hats for the upcoming Christmas Concert.  When we were at the craft store getting supplies I saw the cutest elf hat for $3…. I tried to talk Brianna into buying it but she she said, “MOM, that is not the instructions!”  haha!  Glad we didn’t because we ended up having a great time making our own!

We didn’t have a 13″x13″ piece off paper to make the template, so we taped some paper together to make it bigger.

On that paper we drew and cut out a triangle with a base length and height of 13 inches.

Then we hung a pen to a string and stretched the string from the tip to the hit the bottom of the triangle. While keeping the string tight we drew a rounded off edge for a human head.

We cut out the pattern… my 7 year old could do all these steps on her own, but I did have to remind her to slow down, and I helped hold one end while she did the other, etc.  Team work!

We folded a large sheet of green felt in half and placed the pattern on one side of the folded edge, so we only needed to trace one side and the bottom of the hat. This allowed us to only have to cut two sides (keep it folded when cutting).  I cut the felt out because our scissors are horrible, and it was hard to cut through both pieces.

With a safety needle Brianna stitched it together the open side.  Because it was hard to push the neelde through both pieces, I made the holes with a pin, and she simply had go through the already created holes.  When the stitches were completed we turned it inside out to hide them, and it was a beautiful cone:-)

We found stringed puff balls at the craft store, and I glued them on with fabric glue.. Brianna helped me sew two ornaments to the top.

TADA! Simple but sweet!






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