And how a year can fly by. . .

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Just hours before Maya entered our lives! Brianna took this on her iPod:)


Maya Jane Steffen
7 pounds 13 ounces
21 inches
March 25, 7:57pm (water broke at 8am but had to wait for the doctor who was on Jury Duty)


at 3 weeks Maya started to get colicky from 5-8pm:( Also various times during the day. Still loved to be held and cuddled.



months was hard:( It marked the day I needed to return to work and leave my little one:( Colic was getting slightly better.


Don’t dislike my job but cried on Maya’s 3 month B-day‚Ķ Leaving her was painful


Colic much better but still screams in her car seat



Scooting and colic much better!




Walking on Furniture


Sweetie had kidney infection this month ūüė¶


Really fast crawler and likes to stand up on furniture and bounce. Will walk from one couch to the next.


Taking steps w/o support. Really likes to crawl.


Paper M√Ęch√© Bowl – balloon bowls

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Brianna and I made this last winter. ¬†We thought we loaded it to our blog but couldn’t find it:( ¬† This was a great project for Brianna and the last big one before Maya was born:-)

1. Mixed¬†3/4 white glue to 1/4 water. ¬†Mixture should be “slightly” watery but not runny.

2. Tear a newspaper into long strips

3. Blow up a balloon as large as you would like the bowl.

4. Dip the strips of newspaper in glue/water. One at a time until you complete one layer parallel and the second layer vertical.

5. Coat the top of a peanut butter jar with glue.  Set the bottom of the bowl/balloon in a peanut butter lid  to dry (this will act as the stand).

5. Let dry over night.

6.  The stand should be stuck to the bottom of the balloon.

7. Make more glue mixture and add 2 layers of newspaper (like above) to the bowl.  Also start adding strips around the base (top of peanut butter jar).

8. Add one last layer  over the bowl and base using plain white paper.

9. Let the bowl sit over night.  In the morning.  Pop the balloon, trim, and decorate!

10. We decorated by dipping the fabric scraps in more glue solution:-)

11. TaDa!

Have fun!

IMG_8594 IMG_8595 IMG_8596 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8599

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